Scent Guide

Below is a scent guide to help you understand our scents. If you would like any recommendations or have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out! We are more than happy to assist you! Please remember, scents are subjective to each individual person!

- BABY POWDER: smells just like baby powder
- CLEAN LAUNDRY: smells just like a dryer sheet
- LUX LINEN: an upscale scent - linen, ozone, lemon, white tea & hints of lily of the valley
- GRASS: smells just like freshly cut grass

- APPLE PIE: apples and pie crust, smells just like freshly baked apple pie
- BANANA BREAD: bananas with a hint of walnut, smells just like banana bread
- BLUEBERRY: blueberry with a hint of pie crust
- CARAMEL POPCORN: smells just like Cracker Jacks
- COFFEE: smells just like a coffee house when you first walk in
- GINGERBREAD: smells just like freshly baked gingerbread cookies
- PUMPKIN PIE: pumpkins and pie crust, smells just like freshly baked pumpkin pie
- PUMPKIN SPICE: pumpkin with a hint of cinnamon, “spicier” than pumpkin pie
- S'MORES: chocolate and marshmallow with a hint of graham cracker
- VANILLA: smells just like vanilla bean
- VANILLA CAKE: smells just like vanilla cake with a hint of buttercream frosting

- APPLES & CINNAMON: apples with a hint of cinnamon
- MIMOSA: champagne and mandarin, smells just like a mimosa
- SUN TAN LOTION: banana with hints of coconut, smells just like Banana Boat tanning lotion

- CACTUS & JADE: agave and aloe with hints of green leaves, smells like fresh flowers
- EUCALYPTUS & SAGE: eucalyptus with hints of juniper berry and sage, a subtle scent
- JASMINE: jasmine with hints of bamboo, ylang ylang and plumeria
- PINE: smells just like a fraser fir Christmas tree
- SEA SALT & ORCHID: orchid flower with hints of sea salt and jasmine
- WHITE SAGE & LAVENDER: lavender with hints of sage, sandalwood and rosemary
- WISTERIA: wisteria flower with hints of honeysuckle and lilac

- FIREWOOD & SMOKE: saffron, amber, patchouli, sandalwood and smoke, smells like a bonfire but also has a cologne-y scent to it
- LEATHER: saffron with hints of leather and amber, smells just like a leather jacket
- MAN MUSK: smells just like men's cologne (the good kind!)

- CITRONELLA: citronella and lemongrass, keeps bugs away when outdoors
- UNSCENTED: an option for those who prefer a candle without a scent
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