• Do not trim your wick before the first burn! When you light your candle, it is important to leave it burning until the entire surface is liquid. The wax should burn all the way (or pretty close) to the sides of the jar. This will prevent tunneling (burning down the middle) with future burns.
  • Keep your wick trimmed to approximately 1/4” before you light your candle. If you do not trim your wick, the fragrance oil will build up causing the wick to mushroom and soot. Burn your candle away from any drafts, including vents and windows.



  • Current production time is 1-3 business days from the date of purchase unless otherwise stated on our shop announcement (top of homepage).
  • Expedited shipping will not speed up production time, it will only allow the item to arrive faster once USPS has received it.
  • Transit delays tend to increase during holiday rush seasons, especially Christmas. Please be sure to check our shop announcement (top of homepage) during the busy seasons for shipping updates.
  • A tracking number will be sent to you immediately upon shipping - this tracking number will give you an exact date in which your item(s) will arrive. If you do not receive an e-mail notification with tracking info, please let us know and we will send it to you.
  • If you need your item by a certain date, please let us know before you make your purchase so that we can try to accommodate your request.



  • If your package is lost, stolen or undelivered, please contact USPS for further instruction. If your package is damaged upon arrival, please contact us with a picture of the damaged product and we will send a replacement out to you.



  • Warm weather can sometimes cause the surface of your candle to "sweat" in transit but will dry out when brought into sustainable temperatures. With cold weather, the surface of the wax can crack but will go back to normal once you start burning your candle. We prefer to ship your candle to a P.O. box or a mailbox where you can immediately retrieve your package and bring it inside under sustainable temperatures. Please know that melting is a rare occurrence and we always package our products in the best way possible to withstand the elements.



  • Tunneling → As mentioned above, tunneling can be caused by not allowing your wax pool to melt to all the sides of the jar. It's important to allow your candle to form a full wax pool before extinguishing the flame.
  • Burning Unevenly → If your candle is burning to one side of the jar, but not quite to the other, this is likely due to a draft or burning on an uneven surface.  The slightest draft, whether from an A/C vent or window, will cause your candle to burn unevenly. This also occurs if your candle is slightly tilted to one side. If you wish to fix this, extinguish the flame and let the wax pool harden. The area that did not burn evenly should be slightly raised above where your wax pool was. Scrape this area with a butter knife so that the top of your candle is even again. Relight your candle and allow the wax pool to burn to all sides of the jar before extinguishing.
  • Black Smoke and/or Crackling Sound → Extinguish the flame, trim your wick to 1/4” and re-light!
  • “Wet Spots” or Dark Patches on Jar → Very normal for natural soy wax candles. Wax expands and contracts from the sides of the jar with temperature fluctuations. This does not affect your candle in any way except for aesthetically.
  • Crystals on Wax → Also known as frosting, this is the natural wax re-crystallizing and is totally normal. This does not affect your candle in any way except for aesthetically.
  • Yellow or Pink Tinted Candles → Depending on the fragrance you choose, you may notice that your candle has a yellow or pink tint. These tints can range from light to very dark in color and only occur in some scents, such as Blueberry or Cactus & Jade. This will not affect your candle in any way except for aesthetically.



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